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What audiences had to say about Ocean World

We were both gob-smacked.  I was warned but did NOT bring Kleenex.  I know applause wasn’t encouraged, but I was grateful for the opportunities to sniff LOUDLY. The VCC is amazing, and what the Artistic Director and co-conductors have given these children and their audience, is an unbelievable gift.

Ocean World was AMAZING! It was SOOOOO musical and the kids never took their eyes off their conductors. Fabulous soloists, great music, great message. Plus it all ran sooooo smoothly. How did you do it on so little rehearsal time in the theatre? The VCC is amazing. Victoria is SO lucky to have you and I am so proud that VCC was part of my musical life for 15 years. It was a treat to sit in the audience and hear those beautiful songs again….. The Turtle, Precious Life.

Tonight’s performance was absolutely brilliant. 

OMG I’M CRYING CONGRATULATIONS!! I wanted to tell you HOW MUCH I enjoyed Ocean World. Wow did the choir ever sound AMAZING! Everyone from the littles to the big kids were at the top of their game. And the soloists were stunning! Huge congratulations to Willow and Rachael in particular – they broke my heart!! Thank you for a moving and transcendent musical experience.

Wow just….WOW!!! Great performance! Very moving…..

The feedback I heard was wonderful: “powerful, overwhelmingly beautiful, stunning, ….could not hold back tears” – to quote a few. 

I want to start out by saying how deeply moved I was by the performance last night.  I was moved to tears and found it truly inspiring in way that I rarely experience at concerts these days.  The idea of making the children grapple with these profoundly shameful realities through this work was courageous on your part and I applaud you all for seeing it through. I am squarely in the camp of “you can’t hide reality from children”. If they are going to be a part of the solution they (and we adults) have to understand at an emotional level that we have a responsibility to life and beauty. As you demonstrated, music has the capacity for connecting our rational and emotional selves which makes it one of our most powerful tools for changing people’s minds – that performance must have helped to create over a 100 more dedicated environmentalists last night – no small feat. 

Quite apart from the production itself the choir sounded absolutely beautiful and meticulously prepared. The soloists were also so self-assured and straight forward in their delivery. 

Congratulations and thank you and your colleagues for all of the important work you do here in Victoria. 

I want to start off with saying how much I enjoyed the concert last night.  In speaking with another parent after the concert, I found she too was moved to tears. I was not expecting that – next time I won’t wear mascara 🙂

 We want to congratulate you on the Choir’s remarkable performance of Ocean World last night. Both musical and artistic the execution was stunning. My wife was particularly impressed with the level of artistic maturity of the singers. We found the concert Incredibly moving and thought provoking.

I hope you are proud of the amazing performance of your delightful children on Tuesday! I was so happy to be there, and to remember the 2 earlier presentations of Ocean World. The video was stunning, the soloists outstanding, the choirs engaging, and the message as powerful as ever. Well done!!!

WWF’s Ocean World performed by the Victoria Children’s Choir falls into a category all of its own not just because humanity has stubbornly chosen to follow a path to self destruction that also threatens the existence of over a million species…the choral rendition of a cry for help on behalf of all life in the oceans was one of the most stunning and moving performances I have attended in my whole life (& I’m 72!) delivered so beautifully by children of all ages who put their heart and soul into this beautifully choreographed event. The tragedy is that it is they who stand to suffer from the consequences of our inaction.

My message to the WWF is that Victoria has set a gold standard in how to deliver this powerful and deeply moving message to audiences across the world.


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