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Concert choir

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Singers age 12 -17, who have considerable vocal experience and love of choral music, study challenging music as they master their vocal and music skills as well as pursue personal growth while contributing to their music community.


Concert Choir members receive a unique combination of expertise and encouragement needed to make music a rewarding, life-long adventure. The Choir is often invited to sing with leading symphony orchestras, in performances of major works, and tour both nationally and internationally.


This is an audition-only ensemble, which requires solid commitment and motivation.

More information is available in our Choir Handbook.


$159/month (payable on the 5th of each month from September to June) and a non-refundable deposit of $100 at the time of a child’s acceptance into the Choir.

2024-25 Season

Choir fees include: ​

  • 4 hours of in-person professional choral instruction weekly.

  • Musicianship (theory) training specifically tailored to choral singers.

  • Workshops with choral clinicians and collaborations with other Canadian choirs

  • Two over-night Choir Camps in September and January

  • Performances in our two Signature Concerts - December and June

  • Many local, national and sometimes international performance opportunities throughout the season.


Tuesdays, 5:00 - 7:00p.m. at Pacific Opera Victoria

Fridays, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. at St. George's Church (Sanctuary)

From September to June

First rehearsal of the season is Friday, September 6th, 2024


Tuesdays at:

Pacific Opera Victoria

925 Balmoral Rd,

Victoria, BC V8T 1A7

Fridays at:

St. George's Anglican Church

3909 St George's Lane

Victoria, V8N 4E3


David Stratkauskas, Artistic Director and Concert Choir Director

Kimberly-Ann Bartczak, Collaborative Artist, Vocal Coach and Accompanist

Lindsey Schneider, Choir Manager

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