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Payments and Registration Information

Payments Administration

The Victoria Children’s Choir operates on a ten-month term, running from September to June annually.


Once registered, choristers pay instalments on the fifth day of each month.

The Choir Registrar administers these payments and will reach out to chorister families in the event that monthly payment issues arise from time to time.

Prelude Choir PAD

Recital and Concert Choir PAD

Youth Ensemble PAD

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Chorister parents/guardians can elect to pay the monthly dues either by a direct debit from their bank account (PAD) or by a charge to their credit card.


The Victoria Children’s Choir uses a payments company called Peloton Technologies Inc. to process all of the monthly pre-authorized payments. This system is part of Canada’s payments environment and is a safe and secure platform for choir staff to use. All of the processing is done in that external system, which eliminates any need for data and records to exist on choir computers.

Annually at registration, families are asked to confirm their payment details so that the Peloton System can be updated with current payment information. It should be made clear that even though the Registrar keys in full payment data, once it is entered into Peloton it is no longer possible for choir staff to review this information since card data becomes redacted, consistent with regulatory payments requirements. For those techies out there, Peloton Technologies is a Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant payments processor, which is the highest security rating possible in the credit card processing business.

Paper and email records that are used to deliver payment information to the registrar from time to time are shredded or deleted as part of Choir Policy. In the future, we hope to introduce an even better (more secure) way to relay this information to the Peloton System.

Changes to Payment Information

It is common for families to change the payment information the choir has on file to produce the monthly payments.


There are various reasons why this might occur, including:

  • A change in bank or bank account

  • A lost credit card

  • An expired credit card

  • A cancelled credit card

  • Choosing to change from credit card to Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD), or from PAD to credit card

If for any reason a family wishes to update their payment information, please complete one of the following documents, and forward it to the Registrar at for processing.

Monthly Fees

Chorister fees are reviewed annually. For the 2023 – 2024 season they are as follows:





Registration Fee

Monthly Payment







In the event that a chorister joins part way through the season, the full registration fee is payable, and the monthly fees are as above, commencing with the month the child joined up (the final term payment is processed on June 5th every year).


If a chorister withdraws from the choir, notice must be provided 30 days prior to the next payment date, after which the remaining payment schedule is cancelled.


The Victoria Children’s Choir supports choristers with financial needs through a bursary program.


For full bursary details and instructions on how to apply, please contact the Executive Director.


In the event that a chorister is a successful applicant, the monthly dues will be adjusted to reflect the value of the bursary.

Sibling Discount

For families with more than one child in the choir, an annual discount of $140 applies for each additional chorister.

Payment Administration
Powered by Peloton
Changes to Payment Information
Monthly Fees
Sibling Discount
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