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Concert Choir Parent

Our daughter has loved her time with the Choir.  VCC is an incredibly well-run organization with high-calibre musical directors and management.  The choristers have learned so many skills and they sound fabulous.  The June concerts were phenomenal! 

Prelude Choir Parent

We all loved the Christmas Concert! Our thanks to Mame and to the whole choir organization for your efforts, and your expertise in making this happen.

Recital Choir

We were thrilled beyond words to watch your beautiful Christmas Concert for the first time on Dec 22nd and I have just watched it twice today.  I absolutely love your choices of music especially starting with Al Shlosha D'varim - the translation of that hymn is wonderful.  Our hearts are overflowing - and our tears are flowing watching our grandson perform.  Thank you so much for making it possible for us to enjoy your beautiful Christmas Concert.

Concert Choir Parent

That was such a wonderful concert! I went twice!  I think it was one of the best I've heard. Our daughter just loves being in the Concert Choir and has gotten so much out of the experience in every way.

Prelude Choir Parent

Mame and team - thank you for all you're doing to keep the children engaged and learning in a safe environment.

Recital Choir Parent

Jody, we are so grateful to you for your amazing dedication and musical leadership! The boys really enjoy choir and it warms our hearts to know that they are able to spend time with such a kind and compassionate leader, mentor, and role model.

Concert Choir Parent

It is has taken lots of problem-solving and creativity to figure out how to continue with all the wonderful group activities we are privileged to be part of... I'm glad VCC is taking on the challenge!

Musical Colleague

I've been listening to the concert all morning!  Sent it to my musicians too... Bravo! Wonderfully varied repertoire, beautiful phrasing.  My congratulations to all of you!

Concert Choir Chorister

I love being part of the Concert Choir because not only do I get to make great music with great people, there are also so many opportunities to work with amazing conductors and professional musicians.  Singing with the Victoria Symphony last spring was fantastic.  Going to rehearsal is always the best part of my week - getting to see my friends and challenging myself with complex music

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