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Transformation Through Music


The Victoria Children’s Choir (VCC) provides the highest standards of music education, immersing our choristers in the transformative world of choral music, in a dynamic and supportive environment.



▪ VCC strives for choral excellence by pursuing a challenging, distinctive and inspiring multicultural repertoire, performing locally, nationally and internationally


▪ VCC celebrates the best of Canadian music and develops original choral repertoire by commissioning and promoting music for children’s and youth voices



▪ VCC empowers choristers to develop lifelong friendships, while gaining confidence, discipline and self-esteem

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▪ VCC provides world-class music education focused on vocal training, musicianship, creativity and artistic discipline


▪ VCC incorporates mentorship and peer-to-peer support across all levels of the organization to inspire and teach team building and leadership skills


▪ VCC provides a safe and inclusive environment that welcomes and celebrates all diversity


▪ VCC contributes to the cultural life of local, national and international communities through high-calibre performances of choral music


▪ VCC is a choral resource for children, youth, alumni, music educators, professional partners and the community-at-large


▪ VCC establishes and celebrates connections with choirs, cultural organizations and communities around the world, through collaborations, touring and exchanges.


The Victoria Children’s Choir is one of the top choral and music organizations in Canada. Under the leadership of an outstanding artistic team, our choristers are exposed to the highest standards of music education, encompassing vocal technique, musicianship and performance opportunities, for a full immersion in the transformative world of choral music.


In a unique and supportive environment, 180 choristers aged 7–20 from throughout Greater Victoria study and perform an array of contemporary and classical repertoire from around the world.  The choir tours internationally, and is regularly invited to collaborate with renowned musicians, including the Victoria Symphony, Pacific Opera Victoria, The Tenors, Fretwork, and Victoria Baroque. 

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