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Key chorister qualities.

The kids and teens who succeed (and have a wonderful time) as members of our choir have a few things in common:

Our choristers:

  1. are age seven or older;

  2. enjoy singing with a group and contributing their talents to the Choir’s sound and success;

  3. have a good musical ear;

  4. have a pleasant voice (in resonance and breath support);

  5. can, or can learn to, read a variety of languages;

  6. commit to a full season of performance and learning activities (including: weekly rehearsals, Signature Concerts, monthly special appearances, bi-annual camps, and annual tours);

  7. maintain good health to fully participate in Choir activities;

  8. are keen to form social bonds with their peers;

  9. respect program directors and administrators, community partners, parent volunteers, and audience members;

  10. have a supportive family unit who celebrate new experiences in music and arts.


Ready to join in? Find out about upcoming auditions, or contact us to ask some questions.

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