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Choir History

In 2001, Madeleine Humer created a place where youth who loved to sing together could find the highest quality education, training, and social experiences.

Every year since the Choir sang its first note, enthusiastic and dedicated singers (ages seven to eighteen) participate in our Concert, Recital, or Prelude ensembles.  Today, our legacy includes hundreds of singers who have joined their peers to progress in musical studies.

After more than seventeen years, the Victoria Children’s Choir continues to offer programs that achieves remarkable success. As children continue to discover the history and technique of professional-grade music – and improve their self-confidence through performance – we are proud to know that our work makes sure that wonderful music is shared far and wide.

The Choir is recognized at home and abroad as one of Canada’s leading children’s choirs.

As a testament to our reputation – and highlight of chorister’s capabilities – we earn special opportunities to perform at high-profile events such as: the official welcome ceremony for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the 2010 Olympic Flame Relay ceremony, the 2011 Summa cum Laude International Youth Music Festival in Vienna, Austria (first-place award winners, Treble category), and the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands in 2015.  They recently completed a Maritime Tour in July 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday, appeared on stage with The Tenors on November 22nd at the Royal Theatre, and sang in the annual Christmas Lights Across Canada event at the BC Legislature.  The Choir is regularly invited to collaborate with esteemed musicians, such as Stephen Hatfield, Louise Rose, the Pacific Baroque Orchestra, the Victoria Symphony Orchestra, Fretwork Viol Consort, and Pacific Opera Victoria.


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