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Choir Tour 2020

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Here is what one of our choristers, Tessa, had to say about our recent choir tour of Vancouver Island:

Tessa’s Choir Tour Reflection

This year’s choir tour of Vancouver Island was my first ever tour with the VCC. It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed getting closer with my friends and making new friends.

Some of the highlights included:

  1. getting the opportunity to learn about the First Peoples’ culture all the way up and down the island;

  2. visiting Sointula and learning about their Finnish history;

  3. the four museums which taught us about the history of logging, fishing and mining on Vancouver Island;

  4. all of the bus rides getting to talk with friends, watching movies and singing;

  5. and finally the last night in Parksville where we had dinner in a private room, had lots of laughs and said thank you to all of the amazing chaperones and everyone who helped make this tour happen!

Choir Tour 2020

Choir Tour 2020

Choir Tour 2020

Choir Tour 2020

Choir Tour 2020

Tour Videos:

VCC Vancouver Island Tour Day 1 / Victoria Children's Choir / Mar 13, 2020 VCC Vancouver Island Tour Day 2 / Victoria Children's Choir / Mar 14, 2020 VCC Vancouver Island Tour Day 3 / Victoria Children's Choir / Mar 15, 2020


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