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2019 Fall Choir Camp

We’re pretty sure Camp Imadene has never been filled with more music than it was the weekend of September 13 – 15. Forty choir youth, along with VCC staff and parents, filled every spare moment of those 48 hours with music and laughter for the 2019 Victoria Children’s Choir Fall Camp. This weekend is set aside every year to introduce a piece of the season’s repertoire, and to welcome new members to the choir.

Choir camps are the best. They imprint the most amazing feeling of excitement for learning new music and making new friendships, and the grandest sense of value as the members recognize they’re a part of a group that they’re proud of. Despite the hours of rehearsing, there was still a sense of sadness and a longing for more when the weekend came to a close.

Along with the rehearsals, the youth (and a few parents) enjoyed the activities Camp Imadene has to offer like swimming, canoeing, and paddle-boarding! Not a bad way to spend a weekend!

A huge thank you goes out to Camp Imadene for having us for the weekend and the parents in attendance wanted to extend a MASSIVE thank you from all of them to the youth involved and the VCC staff for making it such a positive and memorable experience!

Here’s to an amazing and memorable 2019/2020 season!


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