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A chorister’s story: Behind the scenes at Choir camp.

“Choir camp is a time I look forward to each year.

There are two each season: one in during September and another in January.

At the start, everyone piles into a bus (and don’t you dare forget your music) and we drive up to the camp all together. Not long after arrival, we start the first of many rehearsals; this is where we practice our new music.

There is a large amount of work done at the camps, but it truly is worth it – especially when it’s all oriented around the goal of producing lovely music. The first camp weekend gives us a head start on all of our repertoire, and a chance to become closer with our group.

Choir camp is where you establish new friendships with other choristers. Everyone is very accepting and supporting, and no one is left out.

There are other activities that vary depending on the location, but always include: games outdoors, dancing, and a talent night!

The amount of work we get done in these camps is serious, and adds to the impressive level of professionalism and maturity that the Choir upholds. I can’t wait to go back!”

Submitted by chorister Grace Hogg


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