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Announcing 25 more spots for singers age seven to nine!

We are so pleased by the success of our inaugural Prelude Choir, in 2016-17, that we are doubling our efforts and opportunity!

In 2017-18, we are offering two sessions of our non-auditioned choir. In September, children ages seven to nine can join in, just by registering.

Here’s what you can expect, in the words of a parent member:

“For many years now, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Victoria Children’s Choir in a professional musical context – sharing the stage with them annually as a performer at the Pacific Baroque Festival. Right from the start I knew that it was a special organization, and many choristers from those early years remain my friends, some even continuing on to become my professional musical colleagues.

Now I have a child of my own in the Prelude Choir, and to see in my son and his friends the dedication, focus of intention, and the joy and connection that comes from making music with others that VCC instills, clarifies in my mind how important their work is. It’s become a habit now, to wipe away tears at every concert. Thanks for creating the Prelude Choir and providing the wonderful opportunity for my child to be involved with VCC.” – Paul Luchkow

For information about what your experience with the Victoria Children’s Choir will be like, email our Executive Director at



Wade Hemsworth; arr. Ron Smail. Logging song. Ontario “I’m excited about Log Driver’s Waltz. It’s a song I heard as a kid, and when I practice at home, my Dad sings along because he knew it as a kid! I think the audience will enjoy it because it is a fun song, and also well known in Canada. I like how it feels that you are actually with the log driver; plus it’s a beautiful arrangement!”

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