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Give your bottles a new refrain! Depot Donations.

Pop cans, juice boxes, and milk cartons – oh my!

After you squeeze, sip, or chug your favourite BYO-beverage, your empty container can become an even bigger treat. It can support Choir concerts, purchase performance uniforms, and send young singers on tour, and provide outstanding music education to kids and teens.

How can one little package do all this?…

Our partnership with Victoria Bottle Depot is the way to make a difference. Every returned container earmarked for the Victoria Children’s Choir account matters; because together, every dollar sings.

There are hundreds of ways you can help because the Depot accepts returns of many types items you use – and use up – every day. When your old bottles and cans are recycled into new products, they keep over 30,000 cubic metres of material out of the landfill every year, and boost the music education and performance programs we offer. Successful fundraising such as this helps keep our costs down for families.

How to help:

Make collecting convenient. Keep an special shopping bag in the car, at the office, and under the sink just for recyclable bottles. You’ll be surprised at how fast they collect. Then simply grab your donation and make a quick deposit anytime you’re nearby a depot location

Don’t forget to tell them the Victoria Children’s Choir sent you!


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