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On the itinerary: Assen [Netherlands Tour, 2015]

Chamber Choir Arpeggio of Assen. Photo credit: via

We’ll go off the beaten path during our experience of the Netherlands with a visit to Assen – the capital of the province of Drenthe.

Choristers will be exploring the large town known as a useful transport hub and shopping/services centre for nearby villages. Assen has a wide network of fast intercity trains and is known as a wonderful place to cycle.

In addition to learning about WWII history at the Westerbork transit camp, we will share lunch and dinner with the students of Vincent Van Gogh school, and enjoy an evening concert with Chamber Choir Arpeggio of Assen, a 30-member group who sing a broad range of music – from baroque to 20th century choral (…hear their music samples).


CLICK FOR MORE FACTS about the town of Assen.




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