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Seeking Refuge: 2019 Classical Christmas Concert

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

What a night this was. A night to remember in fact! Many people commented on how it was the best Christmas concert they’ve ever been to, and for those accolades, we’re thankful. All we know is we had fun putting it together for everyone, and we’re SO PROUD of what we all accomplished. Not to mention in complete awe of the youth singing. This year, we put together a concert that helped to tell the Nativity story through a more modern lens of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus as refugees journeying in a foreign land seeking shelter and safety through the kindness of strangers. A lens that is all too real for many around the world, and even right here in Victoria. The choirs did an amazing job evoking the emotion of the journey and the relief of the arrival. The second half of the evening was composed of each choir taking their time to shine as they each sang songs of the season. The evening concluded with David, the Recital Choir Conductor, playing the Cathedral’s organ and everyone joining in with a couple carols. It was a beautiful evening. Thank you to all who joined us!


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